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This is a self guided study done through three trainings. Each training is done with step by step videos showing you how to make photopolymer stamps from actual hand written signatures, finger prints and simple works of art. 


In this course you will learn how to make stamps from:

  • A simple signature
  • A signature with a background
  • A sentence with more than a few words

**This will consist of cleaning the signatures and getting them ready to make into a stamp and then making the stamp.


Training 1- you will learn how to prepare the stamp.

Training 2- you will learn how to make the stamp.

Training 3- you will learn how to make the piece.


With your purchase you will receive a downloadable workbook with your list of tools, supplies, apps and programs needed to work through this course. this workbook will also have clickable links to the videos.


Everything you need is in this workbook along with my email and phone number for text messages. 


Any questions about this course please email me,

making signature tags with daVoria course

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