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The Making of Phases of the Moon

Updated: Jan 22

Designing Phases of the Moon piece has been one of my favorites. This was a piece that I've really wanted to make for a long time. I was inspired by a card that my husband Dennis had shown me.

This is typical of my creative process. I look at something and then my brain starts to click. How can I make this work in a piece of jewelry?

And trust me, I don't want to take the easy way out. for this one I asked myself how can I make the moon and all the phases freehand? How can I make each moon whole with the elusion of a shadow over it? Can I create a texture that reminds me of the moon

Sometimes I sit down to sketch things out. And sometimes I just start to work, build and adjust as I go. Here is how it all came together.

The Phases of the Moon is made to order and it comes in 2 sizes. The smaller phases is just under 7/8 inch round and the larger phases is about 1 11/4 inches round.

Here is the large Phases of the Moon. ..

Here is the smaller Phases of the Moon necklace ...

I almost forgot the Phases of the Moon bracelet...

Working with my metal clay is totally therapeutic for me. I hope you enjoyed my showing you a glimpse of my process.


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