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Mistakes Happen!

But that doesn't always mean it's a bad thing. I started this Signature Tag process by mistake. And not a bad one at that! I wanted to make words and was looking for a way that I could make my own stamps from the words I wanted. But I wanted to use my own hand writing or specific fonts.

After doing some research, I eventually found a way to make stamps. Then I wondered, could use something that was already written? That's when my husband, Dennis, pulled a card out that was tucked in the cupboard that my Mom had giving him on his last birthday before she died.

For the heck of it I started making the stamp from her signature and also took a heart she drew from a letter she gave my son. With those two things I made the stamp and my first necklace. And I actually thought it was so cool for me but never realized that so many other people would want me to do this for them. Until I was at a jewelry party my niece was hosting for me.

Can I say that night I was bombarded with orders! And that began the Signature Tag Collection! I have made so many and met so many amazing people and have heard such wonderful stories about the people behind the signatures. It's been awesome. Word of mouth has actually been my best advertisement!

One of the things I love about this process is that it's the exact replica of what the person has written or drawn with their own hand.

Because I am a metal clay instructor and a business coach for Flourish & Thrive Academy, I meet a lot of people and I get emails and messages on social media asking if I teach my technique. So a few years ago I created Making Signature Tags with daVoria. It's a great course taking you from obtaining the signature to the finished piece. I have just finished updating the self paced course. There are 21 bite sized videos, which are password protected, and listed in this easily accessible workbook. The videos start with showing how to get your signature ready for a stamp, all of the way through to finishing the piece. There is even a video on torch firing so you don't have to purchase a kiln right away.

My mistake turned out to be two awesome opportunities for me. Making this incredibly personalized jewelry and teaching others how to do it too. So, whether you're looking to buy a piece of Signature Tag Jewelry or take the Making Signature Tags Course, I have you covered! If you have questions, you can find me here

Until next time,

PS- If you're interested in purchasing the Signature Tag Course, For a limited time I am offering $100 off the listed price. At checkout use code 100off.

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