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How to Keep Track of Your Jewelry Designs

Updated: May 23, 2023

So I’ve made this great design and put it out into the world and then someone else wants one too.

Yikes! I barely remember making the piece. How thick was it? What size was it?

As you start to get busier in your jewelry business you realize you need systems to keep everything organized.

Today I’m going to share with you how I keep track of the designs I make. Even if it’s a design I make just once.

In the beginning I was using index cards that were on a ring. This worked out really well except the more pieces I made it became too many card to thumb through to get to what I was looking for.

Here’s where the Moleskine Pro Notebook came in for me. The begining of the notebook has a table of contents. So you can put the name of the piece you’re working on so that when you need to search for it that’s where you go first.

I’ve been using this 5x8.25 version and it has a soft cover. I also have the 8.5x11 version. I prefer the smaller one. For what I need the smaller version works. The larger one is a little more than what I need. So I would rather use 2 pages (which I think happened once) than waste a lot of space on a lot of pages.

Above is an example of how one of my pages looks. It's brief and I can understand it perfectly.

I hope my #ProTip was is helpful to you! xo-Dawn


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