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A Few Q's & A's for Metal Clay

So what is metal clay?

-Gold, silver, sterling silver, copper bronze, steel and so much more!

-The firing instructions will vary depending on the type of clays.

-Some clays can be torch fired. Some can be fired open shelf in a kiln and some have to be fired in a vessel embedded in coconut carbon in the kiln.

-All metal clay shrinks and depending on the type and manufacturer the percentage will vary.

-Some come pre mixed and some come in powder form that you have to mix with distilled water.

Is there a list of tools and supplies you need to get started?

I also have this video you can view to actually see everything on the list above.

How can you fire metal clay?

Torch firing- is an inexpensive away to get started.

-It can be a quick way to turn around pieces for a last minute order.

***I do add a video of "how to torch fire" in all of my courses.

Kiln firing- according to the particular clay manufactures instructions.

-This is the best way to save time when doing production work or larger pieces.

If you are new to metal clay and have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me I'd be happy to connect with you!

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