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I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say that staying connected to your loved ones is important. Whether they are here physically or with you in spirit, it's nice to have a token as a reminder of how important a loved one is to you. Whether it's a parent, a child, a sibling or a friend, something made from their signature, a note or even a doodle they scribbled can bring you comfort throughout the day.


I’m Dawn Vizzi DiGesare and together with my husband, Dennis, we’ve created daVoria jewelry. Our pieces are all about celebrating your loved ones. We are both committed to make pieces that help empower, heal and make you feel good.

I found my passion for making jewelry when my mother died. We were very close, so when she died I needed to find something to do that was different from anything that we had ever done together, but something that reminded me of her since my mother was, like me, always a crafty person. That's where making jewelry with gemstones came in. I found working with gemstones to be healing: they gave me focus and helped me deal with my grief. Realizing that making jewelry helped me so much I wanted to make jewelry that might help others. I wanted to make people feel good. Connected. Healed.


During my journey with gemstones, I came across metal clay. Metal clay could be molded into whatever I'd like and I realized that I could make pieces with words. I wanted my jewelry to be about healing, inspiration. While learning to make stamps with the words, Dennis suggested that I try to make a stamp with my mother’s signature. I took a card my mother had written to me just before she passed away and transposed her signature to a necklace. The piece I made from her signature was immediately so precious to me! I made keychains and necklaces for everyone in my family. Everyday, when I saw her signature on my keychain, I felt more connected to my mother. Once I started showing other people my necklace, I realized that something like this could be just as precious to others as well.

daVoria jewelry creates signature tags and spiritual jewelry that heals and helps you become the best you.

Have a look at some of my work and please feel free to contact me. I make every one of my pieces personally by hand, so please don't let what you see here limit your imagination: let me know if you have specific needs or ideas and I am glad to accommodate!

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